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We care about how you feel.  We want you to realize your health potential, and so we use a hands on approach to decide the best methods to achieve your goals.  All of our massage therapy sessions are based on time rather than a predetermined approach; so you are never charged extra based on a technique.

In addition to massage therapy we offer other bodywork treatments such as Reiki to help promote mental and emotional well-being in a deeply relaxing way.    

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Deep Tissue Massage

Don't be fooled by the name.  Deep tissue massage is any massage therapy that uses touch to manually manipulate muscles and other soft tissues like fascia and tendons to relieve pain, help heal injuries, relieve stress, and aid in general mobility and wellness.  It can vary from moderately deep to deep.  We strive to understand muscular response, and so we only go as deep as the tissue allows without forcing it.

Deep Tissue
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Our Purpose

We exist to contribute to the health and well-being of others by maximizing the exposure and value of integrative healthcare services and products.  Our mission is to empower and help you unlock your potential for healing by applying various techniques and treatment approaches that result in improvements, sometimes from the very first session, in the way you feel, move, perform, and live every day.

Who We Are and What We Do

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How We Started

For nearly 20 years I dedicated my professional career to leading customer care divisions to success.  Listening to customers talk about their needs was key to developing trust and positive outcomes.  That is still important to me in this new and exciting field of integrative health & bodywork, which is why our massage therapy sessions are based on time rather than technique.  At Gladiator Care we are passionate about sharing our skills in massage and energy work to help our clients live happier, healthier lifestyles.  

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve mental, physical, and emotional health.  When the body is functioning poorly it can lead to pain, loss of mobility, injury, anxiety, depression, restlessness, irritability, and more.  Our goal is to improve function and mobility, reduce aches and pains, prevent injury, and help balance the mind and body.  We work closely with you to understand and address your needs, create a plan, and communicate our observations and results.  Please contact us to find out more.

Tremendous joy can be found in an unexpected conversation that starts with two people and a table.

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Fort Wayne IN 46802


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